A round up of fun and creative ideas for what to make with your leftover mashed potatoes! Everything from donuts to waffles!

Happy Thanksgiving week America!

I may not be there to celebrate with ya’ll, since I live in London now, but I am there in spirit, piling my spiritual plate high with mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and pretty much nothing else. (I left America when I was a teenager and did not like green things, you see, so my Thanksgivings are immortalized that way.)

If you’re like me, you’ll be tempted to just go right ahead and clean that bowl out, but you shouldn’t! Don’t! Stop right there!

Whyyyyy, you ask? Because it’s fun to play with your leftover food, and leftover mashed potatoes are especially fun. I’ve scoured the food blog world to share with you 11 good reasons why you should keep some of those taters back for tomorrow. (Orrrrr just make even more so that you can stuff yourself and have leftovers. Either way works.)

(The photos used in this post belong to the bloggers who created the recipes and have been reproduced with permission.)


1. Because a fancy brunch is on the cards

potato croquettes with truffle hollandaise

Oh look, I started with my own recipe. What. A. Surprise.

These easy potato croquettes are made a little bit fancy with some truffle oil hollandaise sauce. Add an egg, and you have an awesome Black Friday brunch.


2. Because pie!

Cheesy Mashed Potato PieP

Copyright: creativeanddelicious.blogspot.co.uk

Pie, pie, pie. Everyone likes pie. Linda at Creative & Delicious has a recipe for a delicious looking mashed potato pie. By having a big tupperware full of leftovers, you can skip the first half of the recipe and get straight to the part where you put mashed potatoes in a pie and add a bunch of cheese, yaaaaay!


3. Because you need to get your head around mashed potato puffs

If you’d asked me a few months ago what a mashed potato puff was, I’d have told you I had no idea, but that I was initially very interested in this concept. Aubrey at Real Housemoms has shown me the way with these leftover mashed potato puffs. I am enjoying my enlightenment.


4. Because a tray of donuts would be pretty nice right about now

Copyright: Deanna Segrave-Daly, RD

Donuts. Mmmm hmmmm. Yep, I really mean that. Just don’t put any onions in those taters and you’re golden. Go to Deanna’s post on Healthy Aperture to find out more! (FYI: Deanna usually lives here.)

(Did you think, when I first said donuts, that I meant something like these mashed potato rings from Spoonforkbacon.com? Gotcha! <— Those also look delicious.)


5. Because we need to make Potaffles happen


Matt at Real Food by Dad has made a lot of cool things happen with his waffle maker, but the Potaffle is the one that I think you need to know about most urgently. The Potaffle is a waffled potato pancake, and it’s soooo much better than a normal one. To the point that I am not including any normal potato pancakes in this list, because I don’t want to make them feel bad about themselves for not being Potaffles.


6. Because you really want some tater tots tomorrow!

Heather Christo is making some tater tots, and that is a really, really good idea. Dip these bad boys in ranch or ketchup and never look back.


7. Because beautiful muffins could be made


 Copyright: www.simplystacie.net

Let’s make things interesting. Simply Stacie shares this awesome recipe where you get to add a bunch of veggies, and make muffins out of your mashed potatoes. Wahooo! This looks like a great kid-friendly recipe (not that I have the first clue about life with the little people).


8. Because you are probably going to crave a grilled cheese this weekend


Copyright: www.grilledshane.com

Grilled Shane, author of the cookbook Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese, has some serious and valid thoughts about mashed potato grilled cheese sandwiches. You should read them all, really listen to what he is telling you, and proceed with gusto.

9. Because there’s nothing like the smell of homemade bread.

7 ounces of mashed potatoes and you have yourself some bread*. Go forth. Laurie at Common Sense Home will show you the way.

*You’ll need, like, some flour and stuff too.


(I DARE YOU to make the grilled cheese out of the bread. GO ON.)


10. Because across the pond, there is an all-powerful pastie just waiting to be discovered 


Copyright: http://www.lavenderandlovage.com/

That’s right. The British staple cheese and onion pasties are an absolute treasure to behold. Never tried one? Karen at Lavender and Lovage has got this art mastered, and she will show you what to do!


11. Because it was dark when you made those mashed potatoes and tomorrow, when the light is hitting your kitchen just so, you will need to put some in a little ramekin and take photos for your blog. 

sour cream onion mashed potatoes

*looking around*

Just me????


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