I am SO excited to be back blogging with this new WordPress site.

It’s been a while, but sometimes a hiatus is needed. I’d totally hit a wall with Blogger, knew the site wasn’t as good as it should be, but didn’t think I had the technical capacity to make the transition. Well I needn’t have worried. IT WAS EASY. I am sad I left it so long. 

So here I am now,  using the brand new Divi theme from Elegant Themes on WordPress and I love it. It’s a joy to use, after a little trial and error, and it makes me really excited about what I can do with this new site! With so much less agony over inflexible formatting, I am free to have fun. So I’m totally getting my geek on and brainstorming all kinds of crazy ideas to utilise this theme in all its glory.

We have a new name! We wanted a .com domain, and a more veggie centric title. Soooo, this is what we came up with.

Old posts will be migrated, but maybe not all at once because I am a perfectionist and want to change some of them. Hehehe. I am shamelessly rewriting history here.

Back to  formatting and migrating and uploading and all that fun stuff.

More soon!