Adding truffle oil to everyday dishes is very 2010, I know. Oh, well. That was a good year. I think I’ll stay there for a while. I am definitely not over this trend.

So. Welsh rarebit, the proper name for cheese on toast which makes a mockery out of the Welsh’s hunting skills. Did it ever occur to anyone that they didn’t want rabbit anyway? What could be better than cheese on toast. Ahh.

Oh wait, I know. Cheese on toast with truffle oil and mushrooms.

Yeah. Lots of mustard and truffle oil might seem unnecessary. Competing flavours and all that. It works for me though, and if you are hungry and need a snack that packs a lot of punch, well, here it is. It is small but it is mighty.

Do not be tempted to add chips to this. You will feel sick. Trust me. Actually, I am sure you wouldn’t have thought of that. Only I could be that piggy. But a light salad would pair nicely with it, to upgrade from a snack to a lunch.


2 slices bread
5 or 6 chestnut mushrooms
80g (1 packed cup) grated mature cheddar cheese
2 tsps wholegrain mustard
2 tsps single cream, or you could use milk- you probably should use milk
1/2 tsp truffle oil
Salt and pepper to taste


First, saute the mushrooms for a couple of minutes in a frying pan. Just enough to get them cooked.

In a bowl, mix the grated cheese, mushrooms, mustard and cream together.

Add as much salt and pepper as you like. I went a little crazy with the pepper but just a few grinds of salt. Mature cheddar is pretty salty as it stands.

Now add the truffle oil and mix around some more. You will have a thick, pasty mixture.

Toast the bread in the lightest setting of your toaster. Meanwhile, pre heat your grill.

Top the toasted pieces with the mixture and place under the grill.

Keep a close eye on it and remove as soon as its brown and bubbling.

If your smoke alarm is anything like mine, it will give you the nod when its about ready.