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Welcome to Happy Veggie Kitchen

We have a simple goal here – to help you find vegetarian recipes you will love cooking at home, no matter your starting point. Whether you’re a vegetarian or vegan yourself, a meat reducer, someone who loves or loathes their greens, you are very welcome here! Let’s see what we can do for you.

Hi, I’m Christine!

I am the owner, recipe writer, do-er of all the the things around here. Always happiest in a sweater dress with a latte in my hand, so this picture pretty much sums me up!

I have lived in central Scotland since 2021, after growing up in the USA and spending most of adult life in London where I worked in the online media and publishing industry for many years.

This blog has been part of my life for over a decade, starting as a creative outlet and side hustle alongside my career, and eventually becoming my full time gig once our two children came along.

My approach to creating recipes

I make recipes for real life, in real kitchens, which can be made by anyone regardless of your cooking experience. I want you to enjoy making my recipes as well as eating them so I strive to give you the most reliably delicious meals with the most simple workflow possible. I won’t make you work any harder than you need to, but equally I won’t let you short change yourself if there is real value to be found in a little extra effort.

To achieve this I test recipes 3-4 times each, trying out different ingredients and methods before deciding what the final recipe will be. This is why my posts are usually full of notes about ingredient substitutions, suggested variations to the recipe or method, and top tips. I give you the information you need to make your own decisions and override mine if you need to!

You can always jump straight to the recipe, because I know for some of you the detail is excessive, but those notes are there if you want to dig a little deeper into the “why”.

What I Love and What You’ll Find Here

  • Halloumi cheese is one of my star ingredients. I will put halloumi in just about anything.
  • Parents, I have a whole section of recipes for babies, toddlers and kids. Though lately I’m slow to add new things because, well, feeding young kids is actually a lot harder than feeding babies. Who knew.
  • So many lentil recipes! Green, red and black lentils – I love them all.
  • My favorite way to make vegetarian “minced beef” is by roasting chickpeas and mushrooms and mincing them in a food processor. It works so much better than you think it’s going to! Try it in bolognese, chili or tacos.
  • I probably overuse the following ingredients: fennel seeds, smoked paprika, smoked cheese and harissa paste.
  • It took me years to be able to enjoy eggplant (aubergine) and this is the recipe that cracked it.
  • I have a whole section of air fryer recipes, and a few for the instant pot too. I highly recommend an instant pot if you want to cook lentils and beans from dried.
  • I love Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern and Asian flavors but I will never claim to make anything authentic or traditional from another culture. My recipes will only ever be fusion style.

Happy Veggie Kitchen is a Small Business

And we appreciate your support. The time you spend on this website pays me in ad revenue, and allows me to do this for a living. Thank you for being here and giving me this opportunity.

If you are a business interested in collaborating, I’d love to hear from you at [email protected]. Please note that I don’t accept guests posts or paid links, and my advertising space is sold exclusively via Raptive.


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