Summer Salads

Well, hello! I hope there’s a few of you out there still reading, after I’ve been soooo quiet these last few months. I have a new recipe coming in the next couple of days, but in the meantime I thought I would just write a behind the scenes post to share some news with you, and links to recipes from other wonderful bloggers that I am planning on trying out this summer!

I wouldn’t have left this place if it weren’t for a very good reason, so how is suddenly hating food for a reason? That might be a dead giveaway for the Mamas among you… YES, I’m pregnant! 🙂 Mr. Veggie and I are soooo excited to announce that we will be welcoming our first baby around the end of October.

Unfortunately, my first trimester and a little bit of my second were hindered by morning sickness and food aversions, so that stopped me in my tracks where this blog was concerned. Where life was concerned, to be honest. I ate a rather limited diet, much of which was weird stuff like Coco Pops. Cooking smells were kryptonite. Let’s not even talk about it.

Even once the relentless nausea went away, food remained entirely unappealing for a while. But finally, at 16 weeks, I am getting to the point where I can enjoy food again. Though not necessarily the same food as before. I still don’t really like the sound of pasta or cheese. Who am I?!?!?

So move over carbs. For I am now in love with big, crispy salads. I dream of them. I’m planning a summer full of meal salads that will sit happily in my tummy and let me feel good about all the nutrients I’m passing onto my little Veggie Junior.

Though I am also, more than ever, in love with cookies and chocolate. So I’d better not get too smug, eh?

I’ve scoured some of my favorite blogs to find a hitlist of salads that I am super excited to try this summer. Here they are!:

  • Jen from Carlsbad Craving has created one epic looking salad with this Southwest Pepper Jack Salad + Creamy Avocado Salsa Dressing. I love how much flavour and texture is packed in there.
  • I’ve enjoyed kale salads made by other people but have too intimidated to try it at home. Now is the perfect time to start! Emma of Emma’s Little Kitchen has the most lovely looking Kale Greek Salad which looks like my ideal starting point.
  • Oh, check out the gorgeousness of this Mexican Street Corn Salad from Sarah at Live, Eat, Learn. I think will make a great mason jar salad to take to work too!
  • I won’t be modest, my very own salad archives are also proving a useful resource to me! I’ll definitely be re-making my smoky corn and mozzarella salad a few times, and the vegan caesar salad has always been a staple around here. It will be even more so now!
  • Are you getting that I like corn? Well this Roasted Corn Ceasar Salad from Jessica at How Sweet Eats looks divine. And I am not above getting the BBQ going just to make a salad. I would of course replace the anchovies with capers in the dressing to make it vegetarian.
  • Ali at Gimme Some Oven recently shared her Family’s Favorite Salad… which looks it could quickly become my favorite salad too! I’d serve this with some kind of rice or pasta bake, or I’d try throwing some tortellini in there to make it a complete meal.
  • Before my morning sickness hit, I’d been playing around with jackfruit a lot. It makes an amazing shredded chicken substitute. Ashley at Blissful Basil made some magic happen with this Vegan Buffalo Chicken Salad which even includes a ranch-like dressing made from hemp seeds and pepitas. (Side note: I can’t wait for her book!)

Ah, salad. I will make the most of this craving while it lasts. If you’re on Pinterest, you can follow along on my Epic Vegetarian Salads board.


If you’re wondering what is next for this blog, I will be posting less often than I used to for the foreseeable future, as I need to devote more of my free time to resting and preparing for the baby. But I will still be sharing recipes when inspiration strikes. I hope that will be a few times per month so do subscribe by email if you’d like to know when I’ve posted a new recipe! The signup form is just below….