Twelve amazing vegetarian fajita recipes! Think fajitas need meat? Think again! These fajita recipes prove that you can take sizzling fajitas to the meatless side without feeling like you’re missing out.

Fajitas are one of those perfect dinners. Most people seem to like them and they are easy enough to make. Rarely do the recipes require much precision, and there is infinite flexibility around the toppings.

Your family or friends can self-assemble their wraps, so everyone gets the filling-topping ratio they desire and can dodge the vegetables they don’t like. If you have little kids who won’t touch the filling, you can just make them cheese quesadillas and call it a day, it’s not a big deviation for you.

See? Perfect dinner! But not one that tends to be associated with being vegetarian or vegan friendly. Even though in reality, we are blessed with soooo many meatless options if you can think outside the box a little.

And luckily, you don’t have to do the thinking! Because I have taken a little look around the internet on behalf of us all… and found, as a starting point, twelve different ways to make vegetarian fajitas. These twelve different approaches use alternative protein sources, or just the right mix of vegetables, to kick the meat to the kerb and not look back.

12 Vegetarian Fajita Recipes

Using Cheese as the Protein

An easy win is to use a non-melting cheese as your main fajita protein! Cheese is the best way I know to replace meat while keeping everyone happy, so these fajitas will be a sure win.

Using Soy as a Protein

The perfect vegan option, soy based foods are a tried and tested way to recreate your favorite meals without the need for meat or dairy.

Beans as the Protein

So this isn't the most authentic take on fajitas, because beans don't have that same ability to be cut into strips and charred, however adding beans to fajita vegetables is a really tasty and healthy approach anyway!

Just the veggies

You don't really need a traditional protein source - plenty of veggie combinations can work all on their own to create delicious fajitas!

Don't forget the toppings!

Toppings will make or break your fajitas! The classic combo of salsa, sour cream and guacamole will never fail you, but sometimes it's fun to put a spin on those classics. How about these ideas...