Easy meals that you can batch freeze and microwave for your toddler! Healthy, meatless dishes they’ll be happy to eat again and again.

New toddler parents, you may be just at the point where it’s sinking in that you have to do three meals a day forevermore. BRUTAL. A freezer stash is vital in saving your sanity, especially if your routine dictates that your little ones are eating separately on some days and especially if you have to prepare these meals while being the only adult in the house and keeping an eye on them at the same time. It is tricky!

This post gives you ideas for meals that are simple enough to prepare when you get a chance, and will give you lots of leftover freezer portions. They can all be reheated in the microwave.

If you’re cooking for multiple kids, in some cases it might make sense to double the recipes to ensure you get enough leftovers.

Most of these recipes can be served on their own, but it’s worth keeping a stash of these foods to serve alongside when you’re able to:

  • Frozen peas or mixed vegetables that your toddler will eat.
  • Individual portions of baked beans or refried beans (frozen in baby food containers).
  • Potato waffles, baked sweet potato halves or a bag of sweet potato fries.
  • Halloumi fries or mozzarella sticks.
  • Vegetarian nuggets or sausages (if you serve sausages, be sure to slice them lengthways to stop them from being a choking hazard).

Vegetarian Freezer Meals to Stash for Your Toddler

I’ll start with some pasta recipes, because pasta is often a winner for toddlers! Reheated pasta is never quite as good as when it’s first prepared, but I have never known that to be a concern for toddlers. In fact the softer pasta may be preferable depending on their age / chewing skills anyway.

To reheat these pasta dishes, it can be good to add a little water (for tomato or pesto sauce) or milk (for mac and cheese or creamy recipes) to the dish at the end, just to stop it being too dry.

Iron Rich Tomato Pasta Sauce for Babies and Toddlers

4.68 from 169 ratings
A delicious baby pasta sauce with tomato, veggies and extra iron! Your baby will love this first taste of tomato sauce. This recipe also works as a healthy "hidden veggie" pasta sauce for picky toddlers.
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Mascarpone Mac & Cheese

5 from 4 ratings
Mascarpone is a superstar ingredient for macaroni and cheese, allowing you to make a lusciously thick and creamy sauce without a roux. This is the easiest one pot stovetop mac and cheese recipe I've ever made, and so tasty and adaptable.
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One Pot Pasta with Cheesy Lentil Sauce

4.77 from 60 ratings
An easy one pot vegetarian pasta dinner that the whole family will love! The protein packed cheesy tomato lentil sauce is thick, creamy and comforting. There is minimal chopping, everything cooks in one pan, and it’s on the table in 20 minutes.
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Creamy Red Pepper Pesto Pasta

5 from 2 ratings
Homemade roasted red pepper pesto is the star of the show in this creamy yet vibrant pasta dinner! It has a beautiful creamy texture and can be enjoyed plain or with added veggies or protein. This is the perfect thing to make with a surplus of sweet red peppers and will suit a variety of pasta shapes!
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Kale Mac & Cheese | For Babies, Toddlers + Kids

4.60 from 86 ratings
A simple mac and cheese recipe for babies, toddlers and kids! This stovetop mac and cheese is mixed with finely chopped kale for additional texture and nutrition. Perfect for baby led weaning and for babies and toddlers who are exploring new textures. Kale is a super healthy food for children and this cheesy, comforting pasta is the perfect introduction to it!
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Next, we have some rice and grain recipes which also make great little “bowl meals”. It is always possible to change out the grains if your toddler has a favorite! You can try risotto with quick cook brown rice, for example, or use barley in place in quinoa.

Cheesy Vegetable and Brown Rice Pot for Babies

4.63 from 108 ratings
A healthy and warming meal for babies that cooks easily in one pot! This has an amazing flavor and a soft but sticky texture that baby can manage from a spoon, or fork, or their hands. {Textured baby food + Baby led weaning.}
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Sweet Potato Risotto for Kids

5 from 6 ratings
An easy, simple risotto for kids that packs a portion of sweet potato into the creamy cheesy sauce! This is an easy win for picky eaters, and also suitable for toddlers and babies. You can adapt this into a family meal with a few upgrades for the adults!
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Creamy Tomato & Mozzarella Quinoa Risotto {for Babies & Toddlers}

4.71 from 87 ratings
Fill your freezer with a big batch of this healthy, filling risotto for babies and toddlers! This is a part rice / part quinoa risotto which means extra nutrition, protein and texture. With creamy tomato sauce, peas and fresh mozzarella, this is a healthy meal which the whole family can enjoy. Freeze leftovers in baby or toddler portions and you’ll have a nutritious lunch or dinner in minutes.
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Caprese Spinach Rice Casserole

4.75 from 8 ratings
A simple, delicious recipe for baked spinach rice with juicy cherry tomatoes and a fresh mozzarella topping! A great way to pack lots of nutritious greens into a comforting casserole. Using all fresh ingredients, this is a healthier twist on spinach rice.
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My children both loved mild, sweet curry recipes as babies and toddlers, and these were on the menu very often. Freeze them alongside some rice, or serve with bread, potato waffles or sweet potato halves.

Palak Paneer Curry for Babies, Toddlers & Kids

4.78 from 22 ratings
A creamy and mild introduction to palak paneer curry for babies, toddlers and kids! This has an abundance of flavor and fun textures; perfect for babies who love bolder tastes! Self feeding babies can eat this with their hands if you mash the paneer.
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Green Lentil Dal Makhani

4.69 from 54 ratings
A creamy, decadent green lentil dal makhani style curry that is simple to make at home in one pot! Serve this vegetarian delight with naan bread or rice.
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Paneer, Kidney Bean & Coconut Curry

4.73 from 18 ratings
This easy paneer curry is quick and flavorful, using simple supermarket ingredients to create a delicious protein packed vegetarian dinner! This is a adaptable recipe that you can fit to your own spice preferences, make it vegan with tofu, or change around the beans – it's delicious every time!
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And finally, we have some other main course recipes such as pies, quiches and soups. These would benefit from side dishes, so aren’t such complete meals in themselves but great to pull out alongside one or two convenience foods.

Spiced Coconut Butternut Lentil Puree / Soup

4.81 from 31 ratings
A nutritious, iron rich puree or soup with an irresistible texture! Coconut milk, butternut squash and lentils combine to make a silky sweet puree or soup which can be eaten plain or given different flavor boosts to suit your family's tastes.
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Three Cheese & Potato Pie

4.50 from 4 ratings
Simple, filling, cheap and so comforting… this cheese and potato pie recipe is my spin on the humble British classic, using three British cheeses for maximum flavor and texture. Your whole family will love having this for dinner with just a few simple side dishes.
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Easiest Tomato Basil Quiche

5 from 2 ratings
A dreamy, melty tomato basil and mozzarella quiche that will wow you with its flavors! This is a crustless quiche so simple to prepare – but we use a special trick to help the quiche create its own crust!
TODDLER EDITS – My 3 year loved this recipe, but he picked out all of the basil leaves! I would recommend leaving out the basil leaves if you're making this for toddlers. You can increase the dried herbs if you wish.
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Puff Pastry Spanakopita Braid

4.93 from 14 ratings
An easy to make puff pastry braid with a deliciously tasty spanakopita filling! If you're craving spanakopita (spinach and feta pie) but don't want to use filo pastry, this is a great alternative that will hit the spot.
TODDLER EDITS – If your toddler doesn't like "bits", you can leave out the onion and the filling will be smoother. For this recipe you can get away with a cheap feta – or something packaged as "greek salad cheese" – because those have a milder flavor which might work in your favor. Chop the mint super fine, or just a little dried mint instead.
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