Lentil recipes for skeptics! These meatless lentil recipes are anything but boring, and will get you thinking differently about this humble legume. Fall in love with lentils and reap the rewards of their budget friendliness and amazing health benefits. Red, green, brown and yellow lentils all deserve a place in your heart!

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As a vegetarian, lentils are one of my favorite ingredients to cook with! But they sometimes still get a bad rep for being boring, or unimaginative, or just a little too healthy. I am on a one woman mission to change the image of this humble but oh so versatile legume.

If you’d told me 10 years ago I’d be championing lentils on the internet for a living, I’d have fallen off my chair but here we are. 

Lentils have many virtues. Let’s discuss.


Lentils are cheap

Canned lentils or lentils in a pouch? Pretty darn cheap. A bag of dried lentils? Ridiculously cheap. There are some very economical meals you can make with lentils.

If you want to slash your grocery budget, pleeeease buy some dried lentils and read on.

Lentils are nutritious

Lentils have so much going for them in terms of nutritonal benefits:

  • An excellent plant based protein source
  • High in fibre
  • High in plant based iron (remember to add some vitamin C to the party to make sure it can be absorbed)
  • A great source of folate… so if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, get on board with lentils!

(Source of nutritional wisdom is the highly qualified Katie @ Hey Nutrition Lady)

Lentils are adaptable

You will find recipes here that span all sorts of different cuisines. We can use lentils to replace meat in American, Mexican and Italian dishes (to name a few). We can also look at cuisines which have traditional lentil recipes, cooked to perfection.

Whatever your fave cuisine, I bet we can work some lentils into it.

Vegetarian Lentil Recipes

Vegetarian lentil recipes that are anything but boring, and will get you thinking differently about this humble but surprisingly versatile legume.

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